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The Center for Studies of Literary Theories, affiliated with Beijing Normal University, was established in 2000. Originally, it was the first seat of learning for literary theories in the PRC founded in 1953. Led by the famed theorist Huang Yaomian, it designed the first nationwide teaching syllabus for the course of introduction of literary theories, and set up the first graduate program in the country. It had achieved eminence in pioneering work for the construction of the discipline from its early days. In 1983, it had the first PhD program for literary studies in the country. Since 1987, under the leadership of Professor Tong Qingbing, all research fellows teamed up for corporation and innovation, which facilitates the center to take the leading role in areas such as comparative poetics, literary psychology, and stylistics.

In 2000, the Center was selected the key research institute for studies of humanities and social sciences by the Ministry of Education. It is responsible for two weighty research projects of the Ministry annually, and it fulfills more than 20 other important projects on the state level each year.

The human nature theory of pre Qin Confucianism
Who in the construction of contemporary literary classics, contemporary literature can build a classic?
The consumption of pleasure and entertainment economy -- "Ming Dynasty those things" of the "fruit laugh reading"
What is the literary theory of Visual Culture Era
The production of elements of BBS, blog, fans and booksellers -- "those things" in the Ming Dynasty
"Eating philosophy" is a kind of national philosophy -- Reading "Li Zehou" in recent years
"Good looking" secret -- the text analysis of "the Ming Dynasty"
The transformation of literature production and consumption activities -- a sampling of ten years in the new century literature

What is the reality of China poetry?
Beauty and Contemporary Art -- Interview with Professor Zhu Liyuan
Dialogue Han Shaogong: literature must live longer than we do.
Liu Mingjiu: we are faced with the inevitable fate
Zhang Jiong: Study on Marx's theory of literature and art in China
The ninth Mao Dun literature award winning writer interview
The motor and the Chinese Luo: I love
Pu Andy: understanding of Chinese ancient thought and culture through the commentary

David J., Harvard University, Reading: Fiction Site, Art, Social, Form
English scholars said the relationship between the citation and the notes of academic integrity
Can fiction and academic writing help each other?
Jonathan Kalle's new book "Theory the" (of Lyric) published
Deleuze's concept of creation
Negative images of women in the ancient world literature
Poetics of invention: the invention of literature
The sentimental and sensible of reason: the novel idea of PA

Book Review
Classic introduction,Literary theory
Classic introduction,Literature and Modernity
Classic introduction,Globalization and culture
Classic introduction,The new course of literary theory
Classic introduction,Postmodernism and cultural theory
Classic introduction,Twentieth Century Western Literary Theory
Classic introduction,The course of beauty
Classic introduction,Methodology of literary and artistic aesthetics

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